Bespoke Hookboard Price List

-      Handmade made Locally

-      Made using locally sourced reclaimed floorboards

-      Customer chooses the length, finish, hook style and number of hooks.

-      Comes supplied with wall hanging fixtures.

-      Takes 2-4 weeks

-      50% deposit

All our hook-boards and shelves are made in our workshop locally, using locally sourced re-claimed pine floorboards. We use Vintage Style Chalk paints and the hooks that we sell in the shop (the available designs do vary with availability).  

All our coat racks come with your choice of paint or wood finish, hooks of your choice and the fixings for attaching to the wall. We stock Grand Illusions Vintage Paint, available in 35 colours, wood stains and the hooks that we sell in the shop.

The paint finish can be one colour, or a combination of two colours, and can be sanded back to make a distressed aged effect. Wood finishes can be natural or stained darker.

The hook board depths can change and will depend on the boards we have in stock at the time. They can be between 11-16cm from top to bottom. How far they protrude from the wall varies depending on the hook choice, somewhere between 7 – 11 cm

All options are completed with an application of clear bees wax to seal and feed the wood and it gives a soft sheen finish.

Pricing Table


0 – 60cm

61-90 cm

91-120 cm







Strasbourg wood finish

£17 £32 £47 £63

Strasbourg Painted finish





Suffolk - wood finish





Suffolk - painted finish





Andover - single shelf





Andover double shelf






Plus the cost of your chosen hooks


As a general guideline a 60cm board has 3 hooks, a 90cm board 4 hooks (or 4/5 on Reims or Strasbourg designs), a 120cm board 5/6 hooks and a 160cm board 7/8 hooks. We space the hooks approximately 18cm apart so that there is sufficient space to hang coats as they can be quite bulky.


‘Reims’ is our painted hook board with a beaded edge. Simple and sophisticated, this design works with single and double hooks.

It can be painted one colour, or two colours, as illustrated in the image below. 

 Reims coatrack example

This example was £6.50 each for the 4 hooks, so £26 plus the board at £38 so a total of £64


Strasbourg is a simple more rustic design, which is a plain wooden board with a natural uneven edge, either polished in its natural colour, stained or painted and waxed. 

Strasbourg painted finish

Example of a painted finish. Nordic Blue with copper hooks. This example is £50.80 (the hooks are £3.95 each).

Strasbourg Wood Finish

Example of the wood stained finish with the optional cabin numbers. This example would be £58 in total.


Single Shelf - single board deep, straight or curved shelf, flush or extended brackets.

 wood finish suffolk coat rack

This example is £112.50 (Hooks were £7.50 each, board and shelf £90)

Suffolk White Coatrack with Shelf 

This example was £127 for the board/shelf and £45 for the 6 hooks, a total of £172


Coatrack with shaker style pegs, straight or curved top shelf, flush or extended brackets, includes pegs. Can be a single or double shelf.

Double Shelf Peg Rail Board

This example cost £160

We use two depths of board glued together to make the deeper width on the top shelf.

Height is generally 30 - 45cm including the hooks and fixings. Depth is about 20cm out from the wall.

This design is very customisable, you can specify the depth of the two shelves, the shape of the shelf ends and the colour.

Smaller Suffolk shelf coathook

This example as its 60cm long and only a single shelf is £67


Brackets and ends can be curvy, D shaped or straight.

Shelf depths vary depending on the depth of the board. If you want more than 15cm, we would have to glue more than one piece together – this would cost a little more (we would quote for you).