Antiqued Rustic Whitestone Pots

These concrete pots have been antiqued to look old and rustic. Each one is different, some are more mossed green than others, they have a worn and weathered feel like they have been out in the garden for years. The pots have a hole in the bottom for drainage so we recommend that for real plants you will need to sit the pot in a saucer. These pots can be used outside but are not frost proof.

These are a big hit in the shop.

Small Pot - 13.5cm wide at top, internal width is 12cm. Tapers down to 9cm at the base (7cm internally), 11cm tall. £6.50 SOLD OUT

Medium Pot - 16cm wide at the top, internal width 14cm. Tapers down to 11cm at the base (8.5cm internally), £8.50

Small Saucer - 12.5cm wide, internally 9.5cm. £2.95 (Also great for a pillar candle).

Medium Saucer - 14cm wide, internally 11.5cm. £4.95 (They fit perfectly under the £8.50 pot)

Large Saucer - 18.5cm, internally 15cm. £6.50

From £6.50