Blue Arches 30s Design Plant Pot

Pretty new plant pots. They are a blue green colour, yoiu could perhaps describe it as a pale turquoise. They are covered in the 1930s style arches and fan pattern. They are stoneware and glazed inside and out. They are water tight but we recommend that you still sit them on a mat or coaster to prevent any seepage from marking your surfaces.

Small £11.50, 14cm wide  x 12.5cm tall. Inside width is 13cm.

Medium £13.50, 17cm wide x 15cm tall. Inside width is 15.5cm

Please bear in mind that if you order these online for postage we cannot insure them for breakage so the risk is yours, although of course we will endevour to wrap them really well.

Sorry both sizes now sold out.

From £11.00