Cage Front Industrial Upcycled Lamp

We have upcycled this lamp (not sure what it was originally, heat lamp maybe). We gave it a thorough clean and polish then got the electrician to re-wire it. So, its had all new electrics, lampholder, switch, plug and funky black and white twist cable. Fully PAT tested. We have teamed it with a squirrel cage bulb (not included in the price). The head of the lamp is adjustable, one of the photos shows the butterfly nut that you can use to adjust the tilt. The base is cast iron and the head is a lighter metal. The bulb holder is a large screw fitting E27 size.

Height : 32cm Diameter of base: 14cm Width: 25cm

This is a unique light and we have only the one pictured here.

You can add on a barrel shaped bulb using this link... they are £6.50 each


Sorry, this product is out of stock.