Carshalton Lavender Products

Original Carshalton Lavender products made from the finest local lavender, handmade in Carshalton.  Gorgeous scent, our customers have loved these products!

Linen Water and Room Spray 250ml £7.50.  Add the aroma to sheets, blankets, clothing, towels and draperies or use as a room freshener and calm a room with the relaxing scent of Carshalton Lavender.

Hand Cream 50ml £8.50.  A rich cream to apply to hands, nails and cuticles.  Deeply moisturising, leaving hands soft and supple.

Hand Wash 250ml  £8.50.  Pure antibacterial handwash, gently cleanses, protects and soothes hands.

Shower Gel 250ml £8.50. Skin replenishing shower gel, soothes, revives and cleanses with the beautiful scent of Original Organic Carshalton Lavender.

Body Lotion 250ml £10.00. Smoothing and firming daily body lotion with natural omega 6 to promote elasticity and suppleness for fragrant, day long hydration.

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From £7.50