Faux or Fake Plants

The rise of fake plants in our homes is a god send for many. You can introduce all that green in places in your home where plants won't grow happily, they add some 'life' in the Winter months, and if your the type who kills houseplants, travels a lot, or its just looking for low maintenance they are perfect. Take the plunge.. they really do make a house feel more like home.


A really full white hortensia or hydrangea with big blooms and leaves. From afar these have fooled many people. These have been a best seller for us.

Dimensions: 35cm wide and 38 cm tall. The pot itself is 11cm wide at the top and 8.5cm tall.

Trailing Senecio

A nice realistic looking pale version of this trailing plant. Very popular with our customers and looks brilliant on a high shelf.

Dimensions: 19cm wide by 65cm long. The pot is 9cm diameter at the top and 9.5cm tall.


Sometimes overlooked as perhaps its not the most recognisable or fashinable plant, it really has a leafy abundance that would be great to ad some density in group setting. 

Dimensions: 25cm wide and 30cm tall, the pot is 10cm wide at the top and 7.5cm tall

Spider Plant

There's a lot of bang for your buck with this fake spider plant. Its broad, is flowering and has made many of our customrs look twice.

Dimensions: 45cm wide and 40cm tall, the pot is 10cm in diameter and 7.5cm tall

White Orchid in Pot

A very realistic looking orchid, with of course the advantage that you don't have to worry about keeping it alive.

Dimensions: 24cm wide by 40cm tall in a pot that measures 10cm wide at the top and 8cm tall.

Olive Tree

Conjuring up images of hot dry Mediterranean summers and the sound of crickets, this little fake Olive tree looks especially good in the smaller pots.

Dimensions: 20cm wide x 40cm tall and the pot is 10cm at the top and 8 cm tall.

Spikey Tillansia

Another not particularly well known plant but we love the pale colour that contrast well with all the darker foliage of most of the other fake plants.

Dimensions: 29cm wide by 20cm tall, the pot is 10x10cm

Trailing Rhipsallis

Lovely bright green fake trailing plant. This one doesn't come in a pot, but is on a stem, so also good in vases or narrow necked bottles as shown.

Dimensions: 20cm wide and 45cm long.

Red Succulent Stem

Karen the owner has a bit of an obsession with these succulents at home, she now has a little collection arrayed along a sheltered window sill at home. This fake red one looks so real its had many people touching it to verify its life likeness. This is a stem not a pot.

Dimensions: 14cm in diameter and 10cm with stem.

Mini Fern

Such a sweet little fern, and so versatile especially if more than one is used. Brilliant displayed in the smaller pots. The fern is approximately 20cm wide and 12cm tall .

Mini Succulents

Three different ones available, the cactus, tree like succulent and the long frondy one. These look really good in small pots, or candle holders and can be easily dotted about or even used as part of a table setting. These look incredibly realistic!  Each plant is £7.50 and their dimensions are approximately 14 x 18cm. 

From £5.50