Please note we have replaced the Grand Illusions Varnish with the Polyvines Wax Finish Varnish which we highly recommend. Please read our news item>>

Grand Illusions Vintage Paint does leave a matt durable finish. However it is recommended for highly used items of furniture, such as tables, that a coat of water based matt varnish is applied. 

Vintage Paint can be applied to any surface but on waxed surfaces it is recommended that the wax is removed using sugar soap or methylated spirits and then a coat of Shellac be applied prior to paint. This will ensure maximum durability and adherence. Similarly, use the 'Simply Shellac' to seal knots in new Pine or to treat stained or oily timber to prevent them from emerging through the paint later. This is a spirit based product and should be cleaned with methylated spirits. 250ml bottles.

Shellac weighs 250 grams

From £8.95