Metal Embossed Signs

These signs are made for us in the UK in Sheffield.  There are several designs to choose from, however you can also order one of these personalised, just call us to discuss what you would like.  

Sizes vary depending upon the number of characters and lines, Most single lines are approximately 53cm log and 11.5cm tall, double lines are between 38-53cm long and 15cm tall.  If you need the specific dimensions of a particular sign please call us.

The sign with the border is only available in the long shape and will accomodate 12 characters.

The two line signs can depending on the sign size, show 12 (top line) by 12 characters (bottom line), 10 by 10, 9 by 9, or 8 by 8. Remember that a space should also be counted as a character. Characters are letters and symbols. 

Please click on the photos to see larger and alternative images.

Was: £30.00

From £24.00