Painted Two Drawer Table

This is an Edwardian Mahogany 2 drawer table that we have repaired and painted using Grand Illusions Vintage Paint in Artichaut. Sometimes in an interior a pop of colour can lift a scheme and provide a focal point, it can also bring a smile. The top of this has had a crackle glaze applied and then a blue wax worked into the top to accentuate the textured cracks of the glaze - its an interesting finish both visually and texturally. The handles are not original to the piece of furniture  but they came with it so we put them back on. They are tortoise shell effect bakerlite ones with a flower design in the centre. It could be used a desk or hall table.

The table measures 100cm wide by 48cm deep and 73cm tall.

The table came with no castors so was a bit too low to sit at. We have put on 4 new brass castors, which means that with a seat height of 42 - 47cm you can comfortably sit at it. 


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