Pearlescent Vases


Vases A-C have a textured outer, pearlescent finish, Vase D (on the right) has a smooth pearlescent finish.  These have all been very popular in store.  Vase A could also be used as a candle holder.

Vase A (centre front) measures 13cm diameter and 14cm tall £12.50

Vase B (left, narrow necked vase) measures 11cm diameter at base 5.5cm diameter at neck and 24cm tall £17.50 SOLD OUT

Vase C (centre back vase) measures 11cm diameter at base, 9cm diameter at neck and 29.5cm tall £22.50 (sorry sold out)

Vase D (right side, tall smooth vase) measures 15cm diameter and 25cm tall £25.50

Please note the information on the delivery page regarding sending items made of glass.

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From £12.50