Polyvine Heavy Duty Varnish

Highly durable varnish for wood. Available in a soft sheen satin finish and a dead flat shine free finish perfect for retaining the natural look of the wood. This varnish dries to a clear finish and is perfect for surfaces requiring a high level of protection such as working surfaces or those with high wear.

Drying time between coats is 30 minutes, 2-3 coats recommended for maximum durability, water, stain, abrasion and heat resistant. Fully cured in 16 hours in ideal conditions.

This is a water based polyurethane varnish, ultra hard, crystal clear commercial and domestic interiors.Ideal for doors, worktops, furniture, kitchen cabinets, panelling, bar tops. Good resistance to alcohol, stains and chemicals. Can be sanded for a high grade finish.

10-20 square meters per litre.

500ml bottle

From £15.95