Reclaimed Wood Medium Sized Frame

These frames are made in South Africa. They use reclaimed timber collected by the homeless, then through recycling centres the wood is turned into these beautiful rustic frames. This process reduces waste and created sustainable incomes for everyone involved.

Each one consequently is unique, no two are the same. Grouped together on a wall they are stunning. We love the authenticty of these, when you turn them over and look at the back you can clearly see they are not new, made to look old. 

This grouping of frames holds 6x8.5 inch (15x21.5cm) photos. They can be hung on the wall either portrait or landscape. The outside measurement is 28cm by 43cm. A is on the left and D is on the right. Frames A and C are sold!

Please click on the photos to see larger image.

For one or two frames you can select the cheaper postage option, for multiple frames please select the £6.99 option.

From £32.50