St Eval Reed Diffusers


If you know, you know. These reed diffuser oils are fantastic. The Bay and Rosemary is by far the most popular scent, not just filling a room but a a whole floor of a house (someone told me recently), it is strong, great for covering all kinds of smells, fresh and herby. For those of you that like something more subtle then we recommend the Sea Salt, reminiscent of that first breath of sea air when you clamber out of the car (well at least for us townies). The Grapefruit and Lime is zesty and fresh, the Tranquility reminds me of a lavender field jusst before its in flower.

In normal conditions the oil will last about 3 months (150 ml). Just pop the reeds in the bottle, turning them over now and again to refresh.

The gift sets in the cardboard tubes comes with the 150ml bottle of oil, a bundle of reeds and a nice bottle for decanting into. (sorry the Bay and Rosemary gift set is now sold out)

Sorry all sold out now.

From £10.50