Victorian Mahogany Veneer Chest of Drawers

The repairs and finishing have now been completed on this chest of drawers.

The repairs carried out were: on second drawer, replaced drawer runners on both sides.  Third drawer , replaced drawer runners on both sides, built up the base of drawers on both sides, replace stops, filled in (built up) groove on the left and right on front.  Bottom drawer, glued drawer back together, stained in damage on right hand knob, built up drawer base so the drawer doesn't dip back.  On base replaced rounded decoration on front corners, 2 of the legs were loose and been glued back into place.

In the end we spent a total of 9 hours working on this chest of drawers. We’ve done slightly more finishing than we expected but the look of it has benefitted. We finished it by staining it to remove the appearance of some of the scratches, marks and veneer damage, then polished, then waxed and buffed. So this means that it is not perfectly restore, but it is now a functioning, better looking piece of furniture. From a time perspective we decded not to make and glue in a new piece for the bottom right knob or fill the cracks on the right hand side as we felt that the time it would take to do this would have put the final price of this chest out of a price bracket people are willing to pay. 

Its always a pleasure to work on something like this, breathing new life into something tired and well worn. This chest is now ready to find a new owner.

Width 99cm x Depth 46cm x H113cm


For collection or free local delivery only.

Please click on the photo to see a larger image of the "as is" chest of drawers.

From £390.00