Vineyard Candles Multi Sizes

Selected scents now available in different sizes. Please note that not all scents are available in all sizes - see details listed below.

These handpoured candles are made from a luxury natural soya wax blended with the finest fragrances from around the world. The glassware is artisan fashioned from re-purposed wine bottles with the rims polished by flame to give a perfect finish. Each one comes in its own presentation box. Made in Cornwall.

The scents are inspired from the flavour notes found in each type of wine or drink. 

Gin & Tonic - infused with gentle notes of english juniper and tuscan lemon. Available in small £7.95 or Large £19.95. SOLD OUT

Singapore Sling - A tropical cocktail mix with pineapple grapefruit and liquer orange. Only available in Large £19.95

Mojito - Light sparkling cocktail fragrance ripe with lime and cut with mint.  Available in small £7.95 or Large £19.95.

Amaretto - Fresh almonds with subtle tones of apricot and citrus.  Available in small £7.95  or Medium £14.95 SOLD OUT

Prosecco - Lively and fruity with a subtle Oak background.  Available in small £7.95 or Large £19.95.

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Please note the information on our delivery page regarding sending items containing glass.

From £7.95