Vineyard Wine Candles

These handpoured candles are made from a luxury natural soya wax blended with the finest fragrances from around the world. The glassware is artisan fashioned from re-purposed wine bottles with the rims polished by flame to give a perfect finish. Each one comes in its own presentation box. Made in Cornwall.

The scents are inspired from the flavour notes found in each type of wine or drink. Currently we have only have the one Pinot Grigio scented candle remaining.

Shiraz - full bodied and warm with hints of seville orange and bergamot (sold out)

Pinot Grigio - bright and clear citrus notes with a subtle herb background (one remaining)

Gin & Tonic - infused with gentle notes of english juniper and tuscan lemon (sold out)

Kir Royal - fresh blackcurrant with a base of crushed green leaves (sold out)

Merlot - bursting with berries and hints of mediterranean herbs and spices (sold out)

Prosecco - Lively and fruity with a subtle Oak background (sold out)


From £19.95